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    Make Cyber-Safety an Organization-wide Habit

      Enterprise Grade SAAS

      The weakest link in cyber security is the human

      90% of cyber attacks are the result of human error

      Scalable Platform

      Scalable platform to shift Cyber-Safety mindsets and behaviors

      Daily emails prompt your team to commit to cyber safety micro-activities

      Easy Social
      Measurable Mobile

      Shift Mindsets and Behaviors

      ProHabits shifts mindsets and behaviors to promote cyber-safety

      • Auto-Pilot
        Conscious Awareness
      • Compliance & Apathy
        Personal Buy-in
      • Diffusion of Responsibility
        Cyber-Safety Culture
      • Punishment
        Positive Reinforcement

      From weakest link to the first line in cyber defense

      • Desired Cyber-Safety


      • Security Application


      Daily Micro-Activity

      Today’s Activity

      Give yourself a do-over

      Remember that time you were in a rush and “almost” sent that text or email to the wrong person? Today, focus your full attention when opening and sending emails.

      Do you Commit? I Commit

      Desired Outcome

      Fewer phishing attacks*


      Actionable and measurable solution for cyber-safety

      Tech meets cyber psychology

      • Bite-sized daily awareness and action
      • Experiential learning component
      • Emphasizes individual importance
      • Positive reinforcement
      • Leverages collective involvement

      Measurable KBIs & Safety Metrics

      • New cyber-safety behaviors & mindsets
      • Reinforcement of cyber-safety knowledge
      • Personal accountability
      • Strong cyber-safety culture
      • Vigilance & preparedness during cyber-safety crisis

      Bring your desired behaviors to life!

        Thrive Remotely

        For the leader inside all of us.

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