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    The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge is here!

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    In recent months, there’s been a flood of statements from businesses expressing support for BLM and racial justice. This has helped bring to light the injustices many face in their daily lives.

    These statements were nice, but, rightfully, the conversation quickly turned to “now what are you going to actually do about it?” In light of this, we figured that our small, bite-sized actions, combined with the wisdom of experienced racial justice advocates, could lead to big changes we need.

    So, we teamed up with the renowned racial justice advocates at The Privilege Institute to create a 21-day action plan. Their team including Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Debby Irving, Dr. Marguerite Penick-Parks, and Jenni Oliver worked with us to carefully craft the plan. Each day offering the participant a simple action they can do to pursue racial justice in their workplace.


    Watch this video to hear from members of the team directly about the challenge and its creation.

    Scan below to take a deeper look and begin the 21-day challenge. Or, just follow the link here.

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