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    ProHabits welcomes Vikki Pryor as the next featured speaker for the The Inclusion Habit Experience

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    “Individuals and organizations alike increasingly want to make an impact. Overwhelmingly, those who achieve their goals successfully navigate and embrace change. Big dreams are inspiring, but small consistent steps move us forward to explicit and sustainable results. Take action with The Inclusion Habit and begin your journey towards personal and professional change, success and satisfaction.”   Vikki Pryor

    Keynote speaker Vikki Pryor invites you to a virtual experience followed by daily MicroActions to develop The Inclusion Habit.

    To schedule Vikki Pryor and ProHabits to ‘shift and sustain’ the mindsets and behaviors of your organization, please contact Keith Kusterer (SVP Strategy, ProHabits) at 

    Watch Vikki Speak Here

    About Vikki

    Known for superior teambuilding, as well as organizational and individual development Vikki has dedicated her life to making an impact. As a business and non-profit executive, board member, and volunteer, Vikki has been a pioneering change agent. She has a track record of helping individuals and organizations evolve and achieve sustainable results.
    Featured in The New York Times and Forbes Online, Vikki was twice named by Crain’s New York Business, as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in New York, and by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the 75 Most Powerful African American Women in Business.

    A sought-after Advisor and presenter using consulting, coaching, seminars, panels, workshops, presentations, and keynotes, Vikki is committed to the progress that comes from positive change. She is Managing Principal Change Create Transform LLC, a mission-driven organization founded in 2010 to provide businesses and individuals a fresh approach to thought leadership, problem-solving and idea generation.

    Experience in healthcare, insurance, marketing, operations, technology, accounting, and law, provide Vikki with access to premier Experts on current global topics. Using strategic vision and operating leadership, Vikki’s contributions to early-stage, high-growth, and restructuring for midsize and large organizations, has laid the foundation for cross-functional and cross-industry expertise.

    With over twenty years of senior executive experience, Vikki served for eleven years as CEO of a mid-sized life insurance company. The first African American female CEO of a life insurance company, the company was twice named among the 50 best places to work in New York City. Leading a legislative mandate to turnaround a 60-year-old organization, under Vikki’s tenure, assets increased, while she fostered a climate of innovation, creativity, and inclusion.

    Vikki has a JD, MBA, and is a CPA. She has served on many boards and is involved in business and philanthropic efforts in communities across the country.

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