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    The Inclusion Habit

    A Fortune 100 financial services firm employed The Inclusion Habit to support their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives. The Inclusion Habit is an evidence-based solution that transfers inclusion work to the individual and focuses on changing behaviors and habits. The program is designed to help individuals be proactive in making their behavior more inclusive through six habit-building phases. Among those surveyed, 90% indicated they were behaving more inclusively by the end of the 2 month experience.

    Inclusion Analysis

    *based on a participant surveys and shared stories which were qualitatively coded to measure impact of the actions

    90% Reported More Inclusive Behavior

    46% Indicate Changes in interactions

    14% Indicate Changes in Perceptions

    35% Described improved Mindfulness/Reflection

    27% Described Greater Sense of Community

    24% Reported Enhanced Connection

    “The Inclusion Habit was a quick and easy way to get me mindful about how I can be more effective if I just take a moment to understand the proclivities of others and how those tendencies and inclinations can be leveraged for better relationships and outcomes.”
    - Vice President, Human Resources

    “As the name suggests this exercise definitely becomes a “Habit”, I look forward to reading the day’s habit as soon as it pops-up. There are many interesting stories and experiences that people share on the storyboard which are both enlightening and thought provoking,”
    - Associate, Services Technology

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