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    Scientel Solutions Case Study

    Will personal growth habits lead the way to the 4th Industrial Revolution?

    Scientel is a leading Universal Integration firm with a mindful culture set on perpetual improvement through personal growth. To live the ambitious values that Scientel is guided by, Scientel utilized ProHabits for a month to make them directly actionable. Ultimately, the Scientel team was highly engaged in ProHabits actionable activities - feeling that they facilitated positive behaviors and supported their values.

    Who Is Scientel?

    Scientel is a visionary Universal Integration firm leading the way to the 4th industrial revolution. Going beyond traditional engineering firms, Scientel delivers a full range of consulting for the integration of its products and services. The goal is to deliver integrations for their clients and see them through to the end. Scientel ensures that their telecommunications solutions work effectively and that clients can prosper with them.

    Understanding that mere technical skill is not enough to thrive in this emerging era, Scientel seeks to promote the essential technical and soft skills required for a world of rapid change. With this change, Scientel is pushing for the cultivation of an innovative and imaginative workforce.

    The 4th Industrial Revolution

    The 4th industrial revolution is the myriad of breakthroughs that are synthesizing the formerly distinct worlds of the biological, physical, and digital. This integration produces the emergent ‘internet of things’. Integrations bringing about new technologies such as AI, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and robotics. It is opening up new arenas through the integration of previously existing ones.

    The leadership at Scientel believes that the 4th industrial revolution has already arrived, and is committed to integrating their team into this new world:

    We want to make sure people within our company will have the skills to survive and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution.

    — Trevor Belcher

    Executive Vice President


    Because of these new technologies some new realities are emerging that Scientel seeks to embrace. Drawing from information found in the World Economic Forum’s report on The Future of Jobs, Scientel lists those that are most pertinent to their organization:

    Realities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Longer lifespans
    (work longer & more careers)
    Smart machines
& systems
    Computational world
    (massive processing power & data)
    New Media Ecology
    (new ways of communicating)
    Superstructured Organizations (value chain inversion)
    Globally Connected (language barriers are broken)

    What Scientel does

    Scientel aims to be at the forefront in integrating new tech in their organizational model, but just keeping pace is not the limit of their strategy. Instead of simply maneuvering around the most pressing changes affecting the world of technology, Scientel proactively anticipates the future challenges that have yet to fully emerge. Through this preemptive adaption, Scientel places itself at the center of this technological revolution.

    Scientel’s services are geared towards technological solutions to help all of their clients integrate into the world they are helping build. With this commitment they bring dedication to their client services with “strong customer centricity”.

    While Scientel is driven to serve its customers, they push the envelope with their services. Scientel strives to uncover the full extent of its clients’ needs:

    I challenge our customers - I ask them if that will be enough. Will it differentiate them in their market, and what they need to do to create it.

    — Trevor Belcher

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing


    Scientel serves clients in a diverse spectrum of industries. Beginning with services to the Nuclear Power industry, Scientel has spread to the Enterprise, Public Safety, Utilities, Banking, Financial, and Government sectors - with no set limits on its future scope for new clients. The technological services Scientel provides are: “360-degree technology services company supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs.”

    Scientel is headquartered just outside of Chicago, IL in Lombard with offices dispersed throughout the country with a global scope of interest.

    Scientel’s culture at a glance


    To hold and build our position as a leader in customer-focused solutions while increasing the quality of life for our employees, customers, and partners.

    Scientel Culture

    Scientel’s culture is built around the development and cultivation of skills that will be vital in the coming technological era. While technical literacy and competency will be needed to function Scientel understands that the capacity for integrating soft skills will be what “divides companies into world class and companies that will be unable to break free from their reality.

    — Trevor Belcher


    To drive the innovation that is key to their success, Scientel factors in weekly feedback sessions - a structure that reveals their value of collaboration and mindful communication practices.

    Another major element of Scientel’s cultural organization is the emphasis on work-life balance. The leadership at Scientel believes in being fully focused at work while at work, and being present at home when they leave. In fact, the leadership at Scientel believe that fully embracing a work-life balance is key to being world class. Instead, to be world class Scientel believes in montasking - focusing on only a single task at a time. On this subject Trevor notes: “you can’t be efficient and effective when you’re trying to do all things at the same time.”

    This value of focus was exemplified by the strong preference for ProFocus actionable activities among Scientel team members.

    Scientel’s culture cannot be fully understood without mention of what skills it seeks to create. Drawing from data in the World Economic Forum’s report The Future of Jobs, Scientel lists 9 crucial skills that it wants its culture to cultivate for the 4th industrial revolution.

    The Future of Jobs

    Critical thinking & Analytical reasoning

    Emotional Intelligence

    Novel & Adaptive Thinking

    Cross Cultural Competency

    Computational Thinking

    New Media Literacy


    Design Mindset

    Cognitive Load Management

    Leadership Mindset

    Trevor Belcher
Executive Vice President

    The leadership at Scientel, with Trevor Belcher on the front lines of sales and marketing, leads by example and is guided by a vision.
    The leadership believes that leading should be accomplished through encouragement and inspiration rather than through coercion:

    World class cannot be mandated – world class is a collection of individuals that are totally committed to being world class.


    Trevor believes that the team “should be told what world class is”, and that through doing so the team will be inspired to thrive.
    Never far from Trevor’s leadership mindset is his emphasis on “unlearning what to think and relearning how to think.” A focus that demonstrates an appreciation for adaptability in contemporary markets.

    Trevor clearly distinguishes leading and managing. For Trevor, management is simply telling people to learn something and then sending them to someone else to train them. Leadership, however, is taking up personal responsibility: “leadership means I would train them myself.”

    The leadership provided by Trevor is never hollow rhetoric divorced from action. Trevor is always the first to experiment with his new ideas for breaking from traditional thought and comfort zones.


    As a telecommunications company with services revolving around tech solutions, Scientel’s culture and technology interact at every level. However, there are a few applications that act as principle mediums aimed at shaping their cultural practices. One such application is Yammer: a professional social media platform that effectively brings teams together, and provides the means for a seamless exchange of ideas.

& Development

    Initiation into the Scientel tribe requires an alignment between the new team member and the values Scientel seeks to live by.

    Training is not a one time process at Scientel, rather it is a constitutive aspect of its cultural foundation. Often companies seek to only maintain the competencies of its team, but Scientel pushes further and actively encourages new learning beyond the domain of the here and now. This embrace of proactive learning acts as a direct result of the visionary core of Scientel’s leadership.

& Rewards

    Scientel takes a stance towards personable engagement when recognizing team member excellence. Keeping to individual recognition for stellar performance rather than impersonal standardized methods. Looking forward, Scientel’s leadership hopes to scale this feeling of individual focus and personal recognition as they grow.

    Personal Growth By the Numbers:
    Scientel culture meets ProHabits

    Scientel believes in bringing the conceptual down to the concrete, and believes that ProHabits’ actionable activities is the way to achieve this.

    What Is ProHabits

    Opportunities for daily personal growth delivered by email. Team members selected their area of personal growth from a list of ProTracks or curriculum that aligns individual habits with organizational values (see table below for Scientel’s chosen ProTracks).

    Scientel participated with ProHabits for 30 days and this is the story the numbers tell.

    • How many team members were interested In personal growth?
    • How did engagement differ across each area of development.
    • How ProHabits brought their values to life.
    • 148 invited participants
    • 85% enrolled

    The above chart shows which kind of actionable activities were most valued by Scientel team members. Scientel demonstrated that they greatly favor ProFocus as a means to put their values into action.
    ProTeamwork will train the habits that support collaboration, team cohesion, trust and alignment.
    ProEmpowerment will teach you habits of unlocking the wisdom and accountability of your team by encouraging autonomy and inviting everyone into joint problem solving.
    ProFocus will promote your uninterrupted focus and help you conquer the myth of multitasking by teaching you how to design your environment, mindset, and schedule to ensure sustained focus when you need it the most.

    The above graphic illustrates the intersection between ProTrack selection and completion.

    1063 total engagements
    77.46% completion rate
    599 commitments
    464 completed


    Scientel is committed to building the future and integrating the values and skills that will be imperative to success in that future. Given the level of engagement demonstrated by team members at Scientel they show a keen willingness to live their values. Furthermore, they demonstrated the desire to live their values through ProHabits actionable activities.

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