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    Advance Medical Case Study

    Advance Medical is a value driven service focused company. Advance Medical believes in hiring for life and strongly emphasizes their team member’s personal growth. Utilizing ProHabits for a month, Advance Medical sought to make their values actionable, and to actualize their cultural mindset. During the month, they demonstrated a high level of commitment with an 80% completion rate for activities.

    Getting to know Advance Medical

    We work with organizations who care about their people and want to help as many as possible when they face difficult medical decisions.

    Advance Medical is driven by the singular desire to “reduce the confusion and suffering that comes with being a patient.” Advance Medical understands that patients are encountering difficult and often life altering choices. Advance Medical believes that through service and hard work they can alleviate much of the burden their clients face.

    Founded in 1999, Advance Medical serves 194 countries with 35 million people who have access to its services. Within its team, Advance Medical can boast 800 dedicated health professionals - 450 of whom are medical doctors. Prepared to serve their large and diverse client base, the team speaks over 20 languages - enabling effective communication to their clients around the globe.

    Leadership Mindset

    The leadership at Advance Medical act as standard bearers for the company’s culture - striving to lead as examples of their best cultural practices.

    Culture is considered an imperative element at every level of operation.

    Advance Medical’s leadership believes in creating an environment in which rewarding and authentic experiences take place:

    They will be best at helping people when they are having their own rewarding and authentic experience, so our part of the deal is to ensure that is happening.

    Training and Development

    In the first day or two of a person starting to onboard I sit down with them and tell them about our unique take on values.(…) Then I demonstrate our values by pre-forgiving them for the inevitable human mistakes that every person makes when starting a new job.

    Advance Medical maintains a strong sense of culture and identity that is demonstrated at every level of its practices. From onboarding to retirement, culture and the importance of cultural fit are heavily emphasized - prospective team members undergoing rigorous vetting for cultural alignment. Advance Medical seeks team members who are intrinsically driven towards their values and cultural mindset.

    Once new team members have been selected, Advance Medical’s training aligns directly with their value for excellent service to patients: “the training program is infused with the ‘why’, which is never more than two steps away from how it improves patient care.”

    Given this commitment to the intrinsic motivation of its team, Advance Medical invests heavily in training and developing its team members: “Would rather turn an Advance Medical person into an accountant than an accountant into an advance medical person.”

    Personal Growth at Advance Medical is not only encouraged, but actively supported and expected.

    Values in Action

    The leadership at Advance Medical understands both the difficulties and rewards that come with the profession, and so they encourage each team member's humanity: "we want everyone to be a human being.


    The principle technological driver of Advanced Medical’s culture is their internal communication system. Through this, a structure for recognizing excellence is established - honoring the many successes of Advance Medical's team.

    Our internal communication platform serves a couple of different functions. First, it gives the team a way to commiserate and support each other emotionally. Second, it has some knowledge transfer utility. But, most importantly, we use it to celebrate employee heroics and to share patient and client success stories. We also use it to distribute details about extraordinary cases. Everyone wants to connect with how their work makes an impact. Each post gets emailed to the entire team.

    Personal Growth By The Numbers: Advance Medical’s culture meets ProHabits

    Advance Medical displayed their dedication to personal growth and advancement by living their values with ProHabits.

    What is ProHabits

    Opportunities for daily personal growth delivered by email. Team members selected their area of personal growth from a list of ProTracks or curriculum that aligns individual habits with organizational values (see table below for Advance Medical’s chosen ProTracks).

    Advance medical participated for 30 days and this is the story that the numbers tell.

    What areas of personal growth were most important at Advance Medical?


    The above graph shows the tracks that Advance Medical's team used to bring their values to life.

    How did engagement differ across each area of development?

    ProDuctivity will train the habits that will ensure you and your team won’t waste time, effort, resources, or one drop of sweat on unnecessary actions.
    ProTeamwork will train the habits that support collaboration, team cohesion, trust and alignment.
    ProEmpowerment will teach you habits of unlocking the wisdom and accountability of your team by encouraging autonomy and inviting everyone into joint problem solving.
    ProMindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
    ProFocus will promote your uninterrupted focus and help you conquer the myth of multitasking by teaching you how to design your environment, mindset, and schedule to ensure sustained focus when you need it the most.

    The above graphic shows the tracks which inspired the highest level of completion.

    Feedback from the front lines

    "I worried ProHabits would be time consuming, but once I got started, it was apparent that they were activities designed to help me build better habits in my work day. Certainly very easy to fall into the same routine! I chose the Mindfulness exercises, and I’ve enjoyed the breathing activities, because I’ve found when I get stressed, I’m less mindful of my breathing. I find that it’s brought about a lot of discussion amongst myself and my co-workers. Each morning we share what our activity for the day is, and it’s helpful to simply acknowledge that we may be stressed, or we are having a hard time focusing or being positive. Before ProHabits, we may not have been so open about how we were feeling stressed, but now with our daily activities, it’s brought attention to habits we may have not considered before.”

    — Erin Mcgee

    "I have learned to slow down, to breath before and after a task, be present in each task. I am really trying to listen, I did not realize how often I inject into a conversation until you stop yourself intentionally. I do need to improve my concentration, ask a person to hold one moment so I can finish my thought or action."

    — Jill Harrison


    During Advance Medical’s first month with ProHabits, we saw Advance Medical live their values - aligning ProTrack selection with the skills that drive their service. Advance Medical harnessed the power of ProHabits to enhance their vibrant values driven culture.

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