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    Amri Johnson joins ProHabits as a featured speaker for The Inclusion Habit experience

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    Diversity is about creating space. It’s a fundamental and indisputable reality in every organization. Inclusion is about connectivity. It’s a set of relational skills and practices that makes an organization’s distinctions and differences act as a multiplier for ideation, innovation, and insights.  In my keynote, I will explore how to make inclusion accessible, actionable, and sustainable. Further, I will show how choosing inclusion means choosing humanity. With the above bolstered by The Inclusion Habit, you are intentionally creating a culture where everyone wins.   — Amri B. Johnson

    To schedule Amri Johnson and ProHabits to ‘shift and sustain’ the mindsets and behaviors of your organization, please contact Keith Kusterer (SVP Strategy, ProHabits) at

    About Amri 

    For over 19 years, I have been instrumental in helping organizations and their people create the extraordinary in their business and communities. 

    Think of me as a social capitalist and inclusion strategist enabling individuals to thrive with purpose. I help people think through complexity and create sustainable approaches to business objectives. 

    As a trained epidemiologist, I think in terms of systems. When I was introduced to organizational effectiveness work as a budding entrepreneur, it merged seamlessly with my orientation towards solving multi-factorial challenges with systems thinking. 

    My first management role in public health at age 26 showed me how learning and leading go hand-in-hand. I discovered that no people manager truly leads if they aren’t laser-focused on listening to, learning with, and caring for their people.

    Since 2000, examples of projects in my portfolio have included:

    • Co-creating and evolving an inclusion initiative to sustain a Sociology (culture) of innovation in a top 5 pharmaceutical company to advance science for patients with unmet medical needs.
    • Developing a strategy for a healthcare foundation to reduce health disparities.
    • Providing diversity and inclusion consulting/training services for clients across multiple industries.

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